In 1969 Industria Gabar SL was founded as a family company dedicated to manufacture  willow baskets and wicker items, highlighting all type of baskets, shelves and wicker armchairs.

In the early 80’s the rattan started as a raw material, the market evolution of the wicker was broken and was mainly used for the elaboration of willow baskets. It was then time for rattan which was introduced in the production of all kinds of furniture, because of its versatility, resistance and elegance.

Towards the end of the 80’s when Industria Gabar SL consolidated in the sector of the willow basket, decoration and rattan furniture, at this time the company starts to be well established at the whole domestic market and in the EU countries.

Already at the end of the ninety’s with the appearance of the synthetic fibers imitating the rattan, Industria Gabar SL was fully introduced in the furniture trading of outdoor furniture with a wide range of products.

Since 2000, GABAR is in the furniture and decoration market with 3 catalogues, GABAR IN, GABAR OUT and GABAR DECO, offering their clients a large mediterranean style range of furniture and decoration so every single home could be easily furnished.

Because of the evolution of the market since 2015 GABAR offers 2 catalogues, DECO which includes a large range of auxiliar furniture and decoration in different styles, and a second catalogue OUT which offers contemporary style furniture to furnish not only outdoor spaces but also indoor.